Explore Sensory Starter Kit
Explore Sensory Starter Kit
Explore Sensory Starter Kit
Explore Sensory Starter Kit
Explore Sensory Starter Kit

Explore Sensory Starter Kit

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Details: Let your little one’s creativity go wild with the pouring, scooping, pinching, placing, picking, poking, and playing opportunities this learning box inspires. This Handmade Wooden Sensory Bin or Sensory Box is full of developmental manipulatives. Our wooden box kit is an excellent starter toy for hands-on learning and imaginative play. This is a preschooler toy or toddler toy ages 3 and up, with open-ended exploration opportunities to develop an understanding of physics, gravity, volume, shape, size, sound, how things fit together, similar and different, size relation. Add tactile manipulatives to make it a homemade surprise or seasonally appropriate toy.

Some ideas for something tactile:
Uncooked Pasta
Un-popped Popcorn

What’s You Get:
- 1 wooden box measuring ( 8.5" x 8" x almost 2" deep ) to hold all your tools & can be used as the actual “Sensory Bin”
- 2 different wooden bowls
- 2 different wooden scoops
- 2 different wooden canisters with lids
- 1 pair of wooden tongs
- 1 muslin pouch to fit inside the box & put your main ingredient in

Materials: Wood. Handmade and produced in the United States using locally sourced raw materials with an eco-conscious approach. The paints and coatings are natural, and eco-friendly. They use a non-toxic, soy based pigment which is made in the U.S.A. For added protection against wear, tear, and play they use a beeswax finish with a mix of jojoba oil. Their sealant helps to coat the wood and brightens the colors naturally!

Recommended Age: 3 years old +

Origin: USA

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